One of the most important challenges of our Management is to establish the organization, define goals and establish a strategy for achieving those goals. It is of utmost importance for us to select associates, motivate and inspire them to complete work tasks that lead to the achievement of goals, while taking care of the individual needs of employees.

We are here to improve existing, impossible things together.


Jasna Stanivuk
Company Owner

Novka Tomić
General Manager

Tatjana Stevanović
General Manager Deputee

The Financial Department deals with the planning, organization, selection of adequate staff for specific tasks, as well as decision-making, management and financial control over spending.

If we take into account the complexity of the function and the opportunities offered by our financial managers, it is clear that they possess the qualities of an entrepreneur and an expert at the same time.

Our financial tasks are based on:

  • Financial planning and forecasting,
  • Use of capital,
  • Business decision-making consulting,
  • Preparation of financial statements,
  • Budgeting and planning,
  • Measurement and control of results,
  • Analysis of financial activities and conducting appropriate activities based on the analysis,
  • Financial modeling and forecasting,
  • Improvement of control of costs.

Biljana Paunović

Dragana Kolundžija
Personal Assistant

Marija Mandić
Financial Assistant

For over 25 years, Magna Pharmacia has been contributing to the improvement of human health by delivering medical devices of superior quality and value. We work exclusively with reputable medical device manufacturers, enabling patients and healthcare professionals to access premium quality products. All of our suppliers are certified by accredited notifying bodies to ensure compliance of their products with all legal requirements. We develop long-term partnerships with our suppliers.

In order to ensure that users are fully aware of the characteristics of the medical equipment we supply and that the equipment achieves maximum performance, we are in constant communication with users. The users of our services are: public and private health care institutions, health care facilities which include testing laboratories, distributors and pharmacies. We strive to constantly achieve and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Marija Bursić-Vukadin
Sales Manager, Orthopedics

Ivana Puača
Sales Manager, Orthopedics

Vladan Konstantinović
Sales Manager, Orthopedics

Dragan Janković
Sales Manager, Orthopedics

Dubravka Protić
Sales Manager, Orthopedics

Dejana Bošković
Sales Manager, Coloplast, Apollo

Dragana Virić
Sales Manager, Coloplast

Zoran Beksedić
Sales Manager, Coloplast

Bojan Perić
Sales Manager, Coloplast

Oliver Stanojković
Sales Representative, Coloplast

Tijana Njego Štrbac
Sales Manager, in vitro Diagnostics

Jelena Radičević
Sales Manager, in vitro Diagnostics

Slavica Repac
Sales Manager, in vitro Diagnostics

Zoran Đuričić
Administrative Assistent, in vitro Diagnostics

Anđelka Bajčetić
Sales Manager, Equipment

Ljubica Radović
Sales Manager, Equipment

Ivana Ivković
Sales Manager, Kedrion

Slavica Stanisavljević
Sales Manager, BBraun

Marko Nenadović
Sales Manager, BBraun

Sava Petković
Sales Representative, BBraun

The project team is focused on defined goals for solving a specific problem, and the fulfillment of which will help to realize some of the higher strategic goals that are achieved by using the medical equipment from the offer.

Our employees are highly motivated to meet all technological goals and successfully tackle all challenges during the project. By following the trends in this area, they bring the solution to the mutual satisfaction of both users and themselves.

With the professional attitude and the highest quality medical equipment, all with the aim of increasing the level of patient care, we are improving our business every day.

Nikola Škaljac
Sales Manager, Radiotherapy, Equipment and Investments

Milja Hrnjak
Adminitstrative Assistant, Radiotherapy, Equipment and Investments

Milan Jauković
Adminitstrative Assistant, Radiotherapy, Equipment and Investments

Service Department of the Magna Pharmacia is a team of certified service engineers with many years of experience in maintaining medical and laboratory equipment.

After installation, we provide preventative maintenance, equipment servicing, adjustment and calibration services to our customers. Only genuine spare parts, state-of-the-art tools and instruments that are regularly calibrated are used for servicing. We are also here to provide professional support in the day-to-day operation of installed equipment.

Our engineers are provided with continuous technical training in the training centers of the equipment manufacturers and are in constant contact with international teams of service engineers, with whom they share their knowledge and experience, in order to be ready at any time to respond to the challenges in the field and to provide the best possible technical support to customers.
Telephone number for contacting Service Department: 011/ 36 22 500

Our team monitors regulations relating to medicines and medical devices, the wholesale and the healthcare industry on a daily basis, and above all the Law on Medicines and Medical Devices and the new Law on Medical Devices.

Our goal is to ensure that products placed on the market comply with all applicable local and international regulations and standards which enables us to meet the requirements of our foreign partners and provide access to innovative solutions for our customers.

Tatjana Belić
Regulatory Affairs Manager

Jelena Vojinović
Regulatory Affairs Manager

With the constant emergence of new electronic devices and software in the business world, the challenge is to be ahead of the competition, to be a leader.

Serious security and operational risks may arise if the software and hardware upgrades are neglected. That is why our IT department ensures and guarantees that IT systems will be upgraded and that we can be sure that our data is secure at all times. Our experts provide hardware, software and network support when it is most needed.


In order to ensure the quality of service and meet the requirements and needs of customers, we pay special attention to logistics processes, as well as employees who daily perform complex operations and procedures.

We are continuously investing in new technologies and processes, in accordance with the highest standards and requirements of good distribution practice.

Magna Pharmacia pays special attention to its employees, providing them with continuous improvement through the realization of seminars, symposia, courses and workshops. Through these training programs, which include knowledge of internal procedures and rules aligned with applicable standards, they enhance their knowledge and skills in the areas of management, teamwork and communication.


Our company supplies medical devices to the market throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Health. Delivery of products to users is done by vehicles that meet all the conditions prescribed by the applicable standards, and for products that require special storage and transport conditions, the ambient conditions are measured and recorded.

Continuous monitoring of vehicles is a process by which key parameters are monitored to ensure adequate transportation in terms of preserving the integrity and quality of medicines and medical devices in accordance with Good Distribution Practice.


Magna Pharmacia doo has 585m2 of warehouse space for storage and handling of goods subject to temperature regimes from 15 to 25°C and from 2 to 8°C, thus ensuring the quality of products. The storage conditions of the products are in accordance with the instructions specified by the manufacturer.

Preserving the quality of products refers to their identification, handling, storage and delivery.

Accurate records are kept for all of the above processes in the warehouse.