Continuing medical education


We at Magna Pharmacia know that education is at the root of all proper progress.

Since its founding in 1993, Magna Pharmacia has always been focused on gaining new competitive knowledge in its field of expertise.
Continuous education and investment in professional development of employees and associates, in the first place, is a long-term commitment of most activities of all programs at Magna Pharmacia.

Over the years since 2004, up to the present, employees have had several self-organized trainings in the various fields we are engaged in.

The most internal trainings are organized through conferences, seminars and educations.

Continuous medical education within Magna Pharmacia enables users to gain expert insight into the scope of our operations, and also provides taking the accreditation tests. In this way, we foster further cooperation in the field of education, familiarization with the matter through interactive work on concrete examples and providing detailed professional explanations.

Magna Pharmacia completely follows, processes and acquires the latest knowledge within the profession. 


Our mission is to provide the maximum quality of products and services throughout the supply chain, thereby contributing to the preservation of the health and quality of life of patients, which are the main focus.

Through our wholesale of medicines and medical devices, and servicing of equipment, we promote and nurture socially responsible behavior, and we are a reliable partner to our customers and suppliers.


Our vision is to cooperate with suppliers who meet the most stringent criteria in the manufacture of medicines and medical devices.
We aim to provide superior service, thus striving to exceed the needs and expectations of users and healthcare providers who use the products we deliver.

We strive to consistently implement and continually improve our quality management system