Maintaining and improving patient health is the foundation of our business. To achieve this, we cooperate with world-renowned medical device manufacturers and provide top-notch training for our employees and healthcare professionals to apply state-of-the-art knowledge and technology.

We strive to promote socially responsible behavior through our actions.


Magna Medica is a young company operating within the Magna Group with whom we share the same values. Our goal is to become and remain a market leader in the wholesale of medicines and medical devices and servicing of medical equipment.

Our vision is to deliver healthcare products and services of the highest quality to our customers in order to meet and exceed their needs and expectations.

Continued adherence to all regulations and standards governing the business activities we are engaged in, is our permanent commitment.

Top Management of Magna Medica d.o.o. establishes the following Quality Policy as a document setting out the mission, vision and strategy for their realization:


Magna Medica d.o.o. establishes this Quality Policy to ensure that the services it provides will meet the stated and realistic requirements of users as well as the requirements of applicable laws and regulations.

The goal of Magna Medica d.o.o. is to become and remain a market leader in the wholesale of medicines and medical devices and servicing of medical equipment.

Magna Medica d.o.o. achieves this goal by implementing and constantly improving the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2015, which includes:

  • measures to improve customer satisfaction;
  • constant modernization of internal resources;
  • realization of leadership role and commitment of the Management;
  • active participation of employees in planning, implementation and evaluation of all activities in the service delivery processes;
  • identifying and managing processes that contribute to customer satisfaction;
  • continuous improvement in the quality of providing services;
  • making decisions based on the collected and analyzed data relating to service delivery processes.
  • developing partnerships with suppliers;
  • the policy is communicated in order to be understood and applied within the organization;
  • the policy is maintained and made available to relevant stakeholders.

Quality Policy is the basis for establishing the quality goals and directing the Magna Medica d.o.o. in its efforts to continually improve.
October 2017